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should you offer free consultations

Q + A: How to Use Free Consultations as Part of Your Sales Process

Using free consultations as part of the sales process came up for discussion in one of the Facebook Groups I’m part of. I’m sharing part of the conversation here. Q: I am on the fence about free consults and really giving this whole process some thought. I recently did some sales calls where I was putting my […]

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SHIFT Work: Increase Your Sales By Changing Your Language

Want to increase your sales? it starts with making an internal adjustment so that you are positioned to get more paying clients? Instead of saying I want more clients, make this SHIFT in your language: I will work at becoming better at sales and marketing so I can gain 6 new clients each month. Why? Just because you […]

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Suspect Sales Strategies: The Six-Figure Shuffle

“INTEGRITY NOW!” Remember on Seinfeld when George’s Dad used to run around saying. “Serenity Now!” Every time I see a telesummit promoting six-figure “experts” (that aren’t all making six-figures) or “48 hours” to get 10K subscribers or any other suspect sales strategy that attempts to sell people on the idea that they can get immediate […]

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