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Lesson Learned: Everybody Is Not My Ideal Client

I’ve learned the hard way to stay focused on my ideal client. The ramifications of taking on clients where the only fit is their ability to pay me have hit me hard emotionally and financially. It’s one of the reasons I lovingly nudge my clients to get crystal clear about their audience. I know the […]

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Eight Ways Coaches and Holistic Practitioners Benefit from Intentional Focus

Many of the coaches and holistic practitioners I work with struggle with these two questions: Who is your target market? What’s your niche? Although I use different language with my clients – the end result is the same: Knowing who you serve and how you serve them. A few months ago I held the final […]

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How to Create Information Products that Sell: Know Your Audience

With social media, blogs, and online shopping carts, it seems like it should be easy to sell information products online, right? Many internet marketing gurus would have you believe that if you build an information product today, you will have a line of people just waiting to buy whatever you’ve created tomorrow. While it is […]

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