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Trailblazing women lead

Brilliant Women Lead: Step Into Your Purpose by Going First

One of the lessons Trailblazers learn is the priority of purpose. As a Trailblazer, you have a message, a vision, a new perspective or way of thinking that you want to share with your audience. So it makes perfect sense that you will have to be the one in the front, leading the way. But […]

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Say Yes to Your Vision and Mean It

I call them disciplined wishers. The bright women I meet that have brilliant ideas for how they can show up in the world and make an impact, but never truly say yes in their hearts. They might say it with their lips, talking a good game about what they really wish they could do. But […]

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Women that have a vision, can’t sit still…

From my heart to yours…Women that have a vision, can’t sit still. This was a line I shared with a client in a recent coaching call. Everyone has a purpose, but not everyone has a vision. It’s why you can meet some of the most amazingly talented and gifted women that have settled for what’s […]

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