Three Newsletter Ideas that Build Credibility with Your Subscribers
Tai Goodwin
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Three Newsletter Ideas that Build Credibility with Your Subscribers

Even the most knowledgeable subject matter experts can find themselves running out of newsletter ideas.

Your email newsletter is one of the best ways to engage VIPs (Very Interested Prospects) in an ongoing virtual dialogue. If you’ve targeted the right readers, your consistent delivery of relevant and meaningful messages allows you to stay connected to your ideal client. Should you ever find yourself frozen with writer’s block, here are three kinds of messages you can use to deliver high quality, high value content to your subscribers.

Answer Their Questions

Invite your readers to send you questions and answer them in your newsletter. If you don’t have users emailing you questions yet, visit an online forum or active Facebook group related to your niche and look for questions to answer. Answering relevant questions that your VIPs want answers to means they will be looking forward to opening your emails.

Share a Personal Story Tied to a Lesson

Strategic storytelling is a great opportunity for your readers to get to know you, engage with you on an emotional level, and still get value from your newsletter. Just share a personal story that has some emotion and tie in a lesson learned that can help your readers.

For example, if you help women regain confidence after a divorce, tell a story about rebuilding after your own divorce or another situation where you had to rebuild your confidence. Then outline the steps you took to make the transition and show them how they can do it to. That’s a perfect segue into explaining how your services can help them.

The next time you have trouble coming up with ideas for what to write, take out a sheet of paper and start listing the lessons you have lived, your stories that can be turned into valuable lessons for your VIPs.

Tell Them How to Do Something

When we know something, we easily make the assumption that other people know it too. And you know what they say happens when you assume -you make an ass out of “u” and “me.” You’d be surprised to learn what your audience doesn’t know. Or more importantly, how much you know. You can always share step-by-step tips with your subscribers. If they already know what you are sharing, they will like that you validate what they already do. If the information is new to them, you have just increased your credibility.

If you’ve had your list for a while, it may seem like you’ve already written to them about everything relevant to your niche. That’s the perfect time to send a “how to” email that’s related, but not necessarily directly in your niche. For example, if you coach clients through getting their books finished, instead of writing another article about how to set writing goals, why not write about how to find guest blogging opportunities? Or about how to optimize their author’s profile on Amazon or SmashWords?  With a little creativity, you can come up with a number of how to topics that your readers will find valuable.

These are three prompts you can use over and over again to develop content for your newsletters. The framework that stays the same, but the content is always fresh for your subscribers.

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Stephanie LH Calahan says

Great ideas Tai. I have used all of these at various points and they are my stand-bys when I get stuck. My favorite is the “tell them how to do something” and yet it is one that I have not used lately. Thanks for the reminder.

Lynne says

Wonderful ideas. I am particularly keen on telling personal stories that teach a lesson. Surely these ideas will help newsletter content. Thanks!

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