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Really want to get more clients? Stop Working on Your Website

[jwplayer mediaid=”5626″] This clip of Tony Robbins reminded me of recent conversations with two clients about how to get more clients. Both of them were so focused on thinking they had to have a prettier website and the perfect tagline (the task) when what they really wanted was more clients. They could invest time and money in updating […]

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Video Business Card: What I Do and Why I Do It

Author, coach, bankable brilliance mentor, brilliance catalyst – all of those terms fit. As catchy as the term Bankable Brilliance Mentor is, it doesn’t really capture all of the ways I help my clients “unleash their brilliance.” So I put together this quick video business card to let you know exactly how I use my […]

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SHIFT Work: Is Indecision Keeping You From Building a Profitable Coaching Practice

Are you struggling to build a profitable practice? Coaches, consultants, and holistic practitioners that avoid being decision makers in their practice end up being busy and broke. Whether you offer life coaching, business mentoring, financial consulting or wellness coaching, you still have to make decisions about your niche, audience, branding, and offerings. Chronic indecision about […]

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FREE Offer: SHIFT Into Your Purpose

Before you create your products and signature programs, there is one thing you must be absolutely sure about. [jwplayer mediaid=”4893″]

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Called and Confident vs. Moses Moments: And the winner is…

Have you ever had a Moses Moment?  Where you get a glimpse of your purpose and a vision for how you can impact your world, but before you get too excited, doubt and fear start to creep in? I did the first webinar on How to Be Confident in Your Calling back in January of […]

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