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Video Business Card: What I Do and Why I Do It

Author, coach, bankable brilliance mentor, brilliance catalyst – all of those terms fit.

As catchy as the term Bankable Brilliance Mentor is, it doesn’t really capture all of the ways I help my clients “unleash their brilliance.” So I put together this quick video business card to let you know exactly how I use my own brilliance to help you reach more people, change more lives and grow your wealth!

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Quick recap: If you are ready to turn what you know into product you can sell, schedule a complimentary Content Into Cash Flow session!

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About the Author Tai Goodwin

Tai Goodwin on a mission to help 10,000 women entrepreneurs create more joy and wealth in their life and business. She's the CEO of Aligned + Bankable and creator of the Bankable Brilliance Course. An intuitive business growth strategist and teacher, her specialty is helping clients create bankable business models that allow them to increase their impact and income without burning out. Tai is a former corporate trainer with a master's degree in instructional design and over 20 years of experience designing course, training programs, and certifications. She is also the author of Girlfriend, It's Your Time and founder of Brilliant Business Girlfriends.

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Kathleen Gage says

Love the idea of a video business card. Great example of what it is and why you do it.

    Tai Goodwin says

    Thanks Kathleen!

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