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Work With Me

“If you could have gotten results on your own – you would have done it already.”

That’s the epiphany that led me to hire my first coach. At the time I was in desperate need of a career change. I was ambitious, hard-working, and so eager to learn. I was also underemployed and under-earning. As a single mom, I needed to make a move that would allow me to care for my daughter and build a sustainable career.I turned first to my usual resource for finding answers – books. Then I hired a coach. Four months later I had increased my salary by 40% after taking a job with Barnes + Noble in New York city, in their training department. Three years later, I was working at my second Fortune500 company earning more than $100,000 and working from home full time.

If things are working for you as they are now, that’s awesome. If what you are doing is not working, you need to hire a coach – now. For my extroverted friends (and those who just like to jump right in) click here to schedule a call and let’s talk. If you prefer to peruse the options and read through things before we talk, keep reading.

FAQ's About Working With Me

What kind of entrepreneurs do I  work with?

Who's my ideal client?

What's it like to work  with me?

There are four ways i helpmy clients

Aligned+Bankable Accelerator

Start Here If: You are working hard in your business but not making the progress or profit you desire.

Focus: Finding and fixing gaps and misalignments, and uncovering opportunities increase your impact and income.

Outcome: A bankable business model that removes the things that aren't working and adds offerings that will allow you to scale your business and make more money with less effort and more joy.

Investment: $995

Here's what's included:

  • check
    Aligned+Bankable Audit
  • check
    90-minute Strategy Session
  • Call recording
  • (2) 45-minute coaching sessions

Aligned+Bankable Marketing

Start Here If: You are amazing at what you do, but feel like a best kept secret.

Focus: Finding and fixing the gaps and misalignments in your marketing strategy.

Outcome: A 90-Day Conscious Marketing Plan that attracts your ideal prospects and empowers you to fill your programs quickly with ease and confidence.

Investment: $2500

Here's what's included:

  • check
    90-minute Marketing Pipeline Strategy
  • Conscious Marketing Plan
  • check
    (Done-With-You) Set-up of your Lead Generation System
  • (6) 45-minute coaching+implementation support calls

Aligned+Bankable SIgnature System

Start Here If: You would like to gain more visibility as an authority or expert in your field while monetizing your expertise.

Focus: Turning what you know into a product or program you can sell online or from the stage.

Outcome: A signature course, program, or experience based on your expertise and designed in alignment with your Bankable Brilliance Archetype.

Investment: Depends on the level of support you would like. We offer Done For You, Done With You, or Do-It-Yourself solutions. 

Aligned+Bankable Workflow

Start Here If: You are spending more time working on admin and operations tasks, than things that generate income.

Focus: Simplifying and automating your processes, systems, and operations.

Outcome: The right tools, templates, processes, and systems that make it easy for you to do business and simple for clients to work with you.

Investment: Depends on the level of support you would like. We offer Done For You, Done With You, or Do-It-Yourself solutions.