The Brilliant List: 21 Ways to Boost Your Credibility Online
Tai Goodwin
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The Brilliant List: 21 Ways to Boost Your Credibility Online

online credibility Credibility is everything in an online world. Your VIPs (Very Interested Prospects) are looking to work with people they know, like and trust.

Here are 21 ways to boost your credibility online and increase your “trust” rating:

  1. Always include an “About Us” page on your blog so people know who they are doing business with.
  2. Use your real photo on your website and in your business social media profiles. Avatars may be cute, but they don’t boost your credibility.
  3. Share any relevant education, advanced degrees and awards you’ve received that are relevant to your work.
  4. Make sure your contact information, including a contact number is on your website.
  5. Join relevant organizations and display their logos on your website.
  6. Use a confirmed opt-in (a.k.a “double opt-in”) to ensure the credibility of your mailing lists to .
  7. If you reference other content in your blog posts, clearly state your sources. It’s common sense and courtesy.
  8. Link to useful content references. It shows you as someone who is connected within your niche.
  9. Collect and publish testimonials that highlight your credibility on your website. Detailed testimonials with real names and photos are best.
  10. Be selective about the products and people you provide testimonials for. Only endorse products you truly believe in.
  11. Ask for “celebrity” endorsements from well-known names in your niche and publish them on your website.
  12. A completely static home page makes it look like no one’s home. Make sure your home page is updated frequently.
  13. Proofread and edit your content before it goes out. If this is a weakness like it is for me – get someone else to review your post.
  14. Highlight any traditional media coverage you’ve received on your site. Include newspaper or magazine articles or television programs.
  15. Share digital media opportunities like podcast, website or other interviews you’ve been a part of.
  16. Be a frequent guest blogger; seek out and participate in writing opportunities for influential blogs.
  17. Accept guest posts from influencers in your niche.
  18. Respond to reader comments; visible interaction shows you are engaged with your readers.
  19. Avoid putting too much focus on yourself and put more focus into your target audience.
  20. Make sure your bios are up to date across your social networking profiles.
  21. Have your own voice; if you have advice that goes against a more popular approach speak up and let it be known.

Do you need to increase your online credibility?

Make time in your schedule over the next 3 weeks to implement at least 5 tips from this list.

Have a tip to add? Leave a comment and share a tip for maintaining a credible online presence.

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