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branding mistakes coaches make

Three Branding Mistakes Even Really Good Coaches and Consultants Make

Here’s what clients, coaches, and consultants with a bankable brand know: customers don’t buy your services. They “buy” you. Out of all the other people they could have worked with, they chose you because of your experience, expertise, and your unique talents and personality – Your Brilliance! There was a time when “branding” simply entailed […]

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should you offer free consultations

Q + A: How to Use Free Consultations as Part of Your Sales Process

Using free consultations as part of the sales process came up for discussion in one of the Facebook Groups I’m part of. I’m sharing part of the conversation here. Q: I am on the fence about free consults and really giving this whole process some thought. I recently did some sales calls where I was putting my […]

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Q&A: What Tools Do I Need to Build a Sales Funnel

Question: I understand the concept of building a sales funnel, and can see the value of it too. My challenge: I am not that tech savvy. So how do I technically build a sales funnel? – Melody S. Answer: Great question Melody. Assuming that you have a blog or at the least a website in place, let’s […]

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[Bankable Basics] How a Sales Funnel Works and Why You Need One

If you are a service-based entrepreneur trying to use the internet to attract your ideal client, your sales funnel is one of the most important marketing tools you have. As I’ve been talking with prospective clients about creating information products, I find that they are missing this critical component. Whether they are just starting or have been in business […]

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If You Want to Grow Your Business, Get Out of the Way

“I just need to get out of my own way.” Have you ever said that before. Maybe you didn’t actually say it but you thought it to yourself. Most people see the title of this post and do one of two things: They click to another post because they don’t want to address what standing in their […]

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